Supervision and mentoring for therapists, coaches, healers and bodyworkers.

As a coach or therapist, you know the importance of working on yourself as the path to success, health and happiness. I offer mentoring services from my unique perspective. If you like what you read on this website you’ll probably like working with me.

The work we do is around YOU loving your life – which might mean you need more of the right clients that fit for you.

It might be about how you feel and think about your work and where that is taking you.

I’m often told the work I do is: “kind of spiritual.” In giving to others you need to take care and nourish yourself because when you look after you on the inside the outside will take care of itself.

You might be uncertain about the future and how the rapid technological change, stress and negativity affect you. I operate from a position of possibility, let me share that way of being with you.

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