Seduction and Pick-Up Secrets for men

What they don't want you to know

From a behind the scenes therapist and marketer who's been doing this for 20 years.

There's a fundamental dirty secret that the seduction and pick-up teachers don't want you to know because what they are selling you is the skills to get a woman into bed.

Let's look at what the pick-up industry is - because it is an industry.

Ross Jeffries created Speed Seduction after doing NLP training and used the technology of NLP and the idea that NLP co-founder Richard Bandler had as he was running Flirting workshops with Anne Teachworth. Ross combined this with his marketing skills learned from master marketer Dan Kennedy amongst others with his skills as a professional writer. Ross is a good enough scriptwriter to have had written a Hollywood film. This all added up to an in your face often offensive style of marketing and presentation that has proved very effective for him. Under the hype Ross is a pretty nice guy.

Mystery - a student of Ross's created the Mystery Method (you can buy the book on Amazon). Mystery was a professional close-up magician so wrote what was essentially a magic book on how to pick-up women. Magic books written by magicians are essentially formulas  - a step by step process of what to do. How to do the trick. Most other pick-up artists have essentially copied Mysteries method. Mystery teaches a performance skill set and the step by step processes of how to learn to be more entertaining.

David DeAngelo - also a student of Ross's took a more business focussed approach because quite naturally he was a businessman and an extraordinarily successful business person at that. Real name Eben Pagan he has released not just a wealth of courses on relationships but also on business building. Eben's by far the most business focussed (though Tyler from Real Social Dynamics (RSD) is not far behind - however he keeps this hidden behind an adolescent image to appeal to his audience). Eben also is a very nice guy and and is open about his learning how to meet and attract women and find one worth marrying which he has done and now has a daughter.

Pretty much everyone else is copying these people.

The secret though is you don't actually need to have the skills to seduce a woman - you only think you do if you have an adolescent attitude and lack self esteem. This is why all the products from the above people are very popular because it's very easy to believe if you just knew the secret technique then you wouldn't have to do any work, you could just sit on the couch and play PS4 or Xbox and have no life and still be attractive to women.

The reality is women want to have sex with an attractive man.

But it's that self esteem, the inside stuff that leaks out that makes you attractive or not.

Some people call it confidence - they believe that if they had confidence then they could just go and get the result they want.

This is a delusion though because one of the worst things you can do is act with confidence when you don't have real competence. This guarantees failure.

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