Do you feel like you've made a "grave mistake" in your business life?

Whether you run your own business or are on the senior team running a business your path to success is about you investing in yourself.

Some of my clients think of me as an executive coach but what I do is really much more personal - it's about how you get the success that you want.

Joseph Campbell said that often people climb the ladder to success only to find they've placed it against the wrong wall.

It can be disheartening to realise that you've got what most other people dream about and yet you are not happy.

I'm someone to talk to about the things you can't talk about to your colleagues particularly when you have a certain level of responsibility. If you are responsible for other people you have a duty of care to them and they expect that, and your senior colleagues expect that as well. But what about you and what you want?

What if you feel all that doesn't matter that much to you?

I'm someone who can be completely on your side - who can work with you to get you unstuck and moving in a new direction, where you feel the love of life again. 

If reading some of the articles I've written appeal to you then you know you need to make a change or you'll go to your grave miserable and unhappy and that might even be stuck in your office!!

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