What happens in coaching/mentoring with Michael.

I work differently to most trainers/mentors. I don't want to work with "clients" I'm on a mission to make a difference in the world and I work with friends, people with the same values I have who want the world to be a better place and want to play their part in making that happen. I believe that change for the better starts with each of us being the difference we want to see in the world. If you like this website and my writing we're going to like each other and enjoy working together.

What this means in practice:

We interact every day - yes that's every single day even weekends!!

What in practice this means is we interact either via email or Skype text chat. It's about having an ongoing conversation so you are constantly thinking about what you need to be doing and are able to make progress on that. It's the small steps that lead to big results and we'll do this together in a fun and enjoyable way. A good way to think of it is that rather than your thinking just being that voice you have in your head, you'll also have me joining in that conversation. Skype text chat which you can do on your smartphone or computer allows you to scroll back through the previous conversations we've had. Some people prefer to use email, or compose their thoughts in another app before pasting them into Skype.

We can also meet in person if it's geographically convenient I'm in the UK and often in either Christchurch, Basingstoke, Reading or London. If you are not in the UK that's fine I have people I work with who I've never met in person. Some people like to book what I call an "intensive session" with me which is usually over two or three days.


I charge £1000 per day for in person coaching/mentoring where you have my uninterrupted attention. People usually book two day sessions and we meet at a mutually convenient location. I've listed venues I use below. You make your own arrangements with the venue about accommodation.

Monthly coaching via email/Skype is £1000. I commonly work with people for between six to eight months and sometimes a year. This is not because what we are doing takes a long time it is because we are getting results and building on that success.

Or £1500 per month for 2 face to face sessions per month plus email/Skype based coaching. Face to face sessions last around 2 hours and you need to travel to where I am. I'm frequently in London, Reading, Basingstoke or Christchurch in the UK.

You can book a 3 month package of email/Skype based coaching for £2500 (saving £500) or you can book a 3 month package of 2 face to face sessions per month plus email/Skype based coaching for £4000 (saving £500).

I also offer a pay what you can option for those who are sincerely committed to making a difference in the world, email me to discuss the options for this.

Obviously this is intensive work so I have a very limited number of places for clients. At minimum you'll get a response within 24 hours, usually much more frequently. But you should remember when I'm running an intensive (which is more often at a weekend) I'm fully focussed on the client I'm with so you'll get a response early in the day or later at night.

You'll know if you want to work with me if you like what I've written on this website because how I write is how I talk.

Contact me to say hello and to see if we are a good fit for each other.


In Christchurch Dorset there is a range of quality accommodation available that you need to pay for separately from the 5 star Chewton Glen, to the highly recommended Christchurch Harbour Hotel, or the Captain's Club Hotel.

Depending on where you are we can discuss what is a mutually convenient venue. Get in touch to talk about possibilities.