It’s Normal to be Anxious and Depressed – Getting Rid of Anxiety part 4

do you believe the reality you are being programmed to see

There’s a war on for your mind, for how and what you think.

We live in a world where we are bombarded by bad news. So much so that it becomes programming telling us what to think.

It’s easy to feel bad with a continuous stream of programming telling you to be afraid. It’s easy to be depressed and anxious when you are programmed by nothing but bad news.

I’d suggest it’s actually normal to be depressed and anxious if you pay attention to the programming we get through the media, and social media isn’t much better because it’s a reflection of how we’re programmed by the culture we live in.

If we don’t look like we’ve been photoshopped or image edited to look like a celebrity then obviously we aren’t thin enough or good looking enough even though those celebrities don’t look like that when they’re not on the cover of a magazine or under the bright spotlights plastered in make-up.

Yet we believe the reality we are being programmed to see.

I’m not a conspiracy theorist I don’t think there are people creating a design to make us feel bad. I do think there is lots of design to sell us stuff and that is mostly: “You will feel better when you buy this product.”

So how am I any different? I’m not saying I can make you feel better. I’m not saying I have a magic cure. I’m just saying I’ve spent 40 years learning meditation and spiritual and healing traditions of different indigenous cultures and 20 years learning modern healing from NLP to CBT, to how the brain actually works from neuroscience.

I’ve learnt that you have to think for yourself. And that’s difficult in a world that is telling you what to think.

This isn’t just mindfulness. Too many people use this as a crutch to try to be happy. I’m saying you can’t be happy unless you’re  taking action to make a difference in other people’s lives. You can’t be happy in a world that’s programming you to be unhappy UNLESS you focus on doing things that make you happy because it’s possible for your story to fight back against the stories you are being told that disempower you.

It’s possible for your story to energise you to literally breathe life into you. This is what the word “inspire” means.

I think of this as more shamanic from a healing perspective that you can eat ideas, literally consume them. So there is a nutritional component to story in an energetic sense.

You can watch a lot of TV and it’s like eating sugar. It’s not good for you. But if you’re really tired because you’ve been working hard or studying hard the research into willpower shows that a sugary drink feeds a tired brain and revitalises that willpower.

But that doesn’t mean sugar is good for you. It means you shouldn’t burn yourself out so much that you’re literally depleting both mind and body yet many people are so burnt out that they do feel restored by watching “mindless” TV.

What I’m suggesting instead is that you can healthily consume story whether that is TV, films or reading books and be actively healthily energised by that process.

It’s building the self-awareness to know when you are watching or reading to escape into the story which is what you need when you’re burnt out. Or when you intentionally invite the story to enter you and blend with and enhance your story. This is a process of cultivation where you are using story nutritionally to not just boost your willpower but to develop your sense of self.

I’ll tell you more about that next time or you can choose to work with me and decide for yourself what your story really is.