Relationship Secrets for Women 

From a 20 year veteran therapist and coach

It's about how you find the right man for you - because it's very very easy to find the wrong man.

You are probably falling over them when you go out - there's lots of opportunities for hooking up, for meaningless sex (even when they say differently!!) But what do you really want?

All the magazines are telling you what you should want. Same with TV. But what about you? Do you still want the fairy tale? The handsome prince to sweep you off your feet? If you do you need to identify what a prince really is for you and where they are. Sorry to get back to reality with a bump but life doesn't happen by wishing for it to.

You get the relationship you want by knowing what you want. You need to start to think and work it out. Most women say they want a "nice guy". This is a surface level answer that's easy to come up with without doing any real work. All the movies are telling you to be passive and wait for the magic to happen and it's easy to be infatuated by someone who looks nice and is ok in bed when they are telling you the things you want to hear.

I've had so many clients say to me that they knew it wasn't going to work out, that they knew they were compromising themselves, not going for what they truly wanted. And obviously they are saying this with the benefit of hindsight, having joined up the dots being able to look back now things have crashed and burned.

The secret is to embrace your power rather than to give it away.

It's why the film Frozen was such a massive success.

If you are honest with yourself you know when you are acting from your power, though in todays patriarchal world it's still unfortunately too easy to compromise yourself and fit in with the guys... Even when they guys are the group at work and include girls.

I work with women to help you evoke the inner witch or wise woman. 

Witch is so often used as a derogatory term by men - and men used to burn midwives and healers and sexually powerful women as witches. But I don't want to pander to a stereotype, even though it still exists in a powerful way.

I coach you on evoking and embracing your power - unfortunately this isn't about dancing through the streets... But the more you know what you want the more you can start to get that.

Think about how you are when you are powerful - what kind of man would that attract?

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