Feelings Are Energy – Getting Rid of Anxiety part 3

feelings are energy

Thinking with awareness means you feel how you think.

It’s making the distinction about where the feelings come from.

  • Do they come from you and how you think and feel about something?
  • Do they come from the environment? We literally feel warmer towards someone if we’ve drunk a hot drink or feel cooler towards someone if we’re in the draft of the air conditioning. Or if we’ve just had a coffee with lots of caffeine we’re more energised. Or if we haven’t had breakfast and we’re hungry we’re more grumpy.
  • Do they come from the feelings the other person is generating in us either intentionally or unintentionally?

So it’s not simple.

Yet we often go I feel this way and that makes me anxious and depressed. Or there are too many people and I can’t be here because I have social anxiety I have to go somewhere else.

It’s easy and natural to live in reaction to how we are feeling but when you change from reaction based thinking to design based thinking you go: “Why do I feel this way? And how do I want to feel?”

Because it could be that you just need to engage your body and wake up the energy inside you to start to feel more of the way you want.

Because it could be that we’re just not aware of the biological issues that are affecting how we are feeling and thinking.

And this isn’t about diagnosis and going to pathologising yourself because that diagnosis could be that you are just tired because you haven’t eaten yet or perhaps you’ve eaten things that fill you up and slow you down.

It’s going how I feel is my responsibility so what do I have to do to feel good?

And that could be going I’m thinking about all the problems I have but I’m feeling bad because I’ve forgotten to do the next step which is to also think about the solutions I need to work on.

It’s easy to be disempowered just because we didn’t know we had more work to do that no one had told us we only had part of what we needed to work on.

If you’re only given problems and not shown how to solve them you get overwhelmed by those problems.

And that effects all of your thinking because it makes you feel bad.

If you go: “feelings are energy” and that energy powers how I think. You start to pay more attention to all of the ways you generate that energy.

It helps to have someone to be your thinking partner because you want to see the perspectives you can’t see by yourself.

Because there are solutions to the problems.

There are ways to feel and think how you want to think and to start getting the results you want which could just be to start to feel you have more energy and make the choices that support this.

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