Why Michael Jackson is dead at 50 and why talent is not enough

If you looked up talent in the dictionary you’d expect to see a picture of Michael Jackson. I can think of few people more naturally talented who have developed their talent with hard work into such a skilled and beautiful expression of their art. Yet you can’t help but to have been exposed to the news storied about the troubles Michael has had for quite a long time now. Even though he once had an extraordinary amount of money and with such extraordinary talent which he had spent years refining and developing how could things go so wrong? The answer is simple it’s what my mentor and teacher Dr. Joseph Riggio calls Structural Illformedness and it’s what the workshop Patterns of Personal Transformation in July is about, and it’s the secret of how successful people not just make themselves successful but it’s how they maintain that success through time. In his book Towards a Theory of Transpersonal Decision-Making in Human-Systems: A Neurolinguistically-Modeled Phenomenography Joseph talks about the transpersonal nature of decision making and how his proprietary models the MythoSelf process® and the Scope of Decision™ model show how to establish this structural wellformedness and use it in making decisions in your life.

Put simply it’s the foundation that you need to get right before you build the empire on top. Shaky or badly built foundations and at some point it all ends in tears.

But most people don’t get how to build foundations that will not only enable success but sustain that success through time. The magic is in including the transpersonal consideration and it’s what Joseph’s model the MythoSelf process teaches people, how to access a way of being where literally anything is possible and then how to use that as the foundation of building a life that works.

I love watching shows like Britain’s Got Talent or America’s Got Talent because it reminds us that among the ordinary people like you and me there are people with such gifts of extraordinary talent perhaps the next Michael Jackson I just wish they would take advantage of the technology that’s available today. Any good architect knows that unless you build a good foundation you can’t reach the heights of success and sustain that success. Take advantage of what the Architect and designer of the MythoSelf process Dr. Joseph Riggio offers and at the minimum you’ll live a happy life and anything more than that will truly be a blessing.