What’s the best investment you can make?

In the credit crunched world of today coaching clients often come to me realising that they’ve not invested in themselves particularly well. And while they may or may not have suffered financially they do recognised they’ve caused themselves suffering by what I call living unsustainably. Living sustainably is about investing in yourself, this is ALWAYS the best investment you can make. Why? Because no one can take this investment away from you. AND it builds upon itself, the interest is exponential. The better you become at learning the easier it is to learn other things. NLP and other personal development technologies are like software, tools to change the way you think, they are epistemological technologies. Mytho is ontological, it’s all about being, who “you” are and who you are meant to be.The MythoSelf process is without doubt the best technology for learning because it’s hardware based, like buying a new computer everything just runs better.

You invest in yourself in order to be of benefit to others. A lot of people who work as healers, as therapists, as coaches end up bankrupting themselves physically and emotionally as they’re giving all the time and they don’t have endless resources. When what you do is an expression of who you are everything is a fit and match. There’s a phrase I love which is: “The wise woman who draws the water from the well takes a drink herself before she gives to others”.

This is composing a life for yourself, living a life worth living and it starts with you, hearing the call to adventure and answering….