What to expect from a MythoSelf training

A post to the MythoSelf list: What should you expect?

I think you should expect to go so beyond what your expectations can contain that you literally wont believe it. And most people don’t believe what the MythoSelf offers because they’re unwilling to take the leap of faith, to go and have the experience… And if you think the risk is financial well there’s a money back guarantee.

Begona it’s interesting that you’ve taken that leap, what caused you to do so?

Why I think most people like to look but not go and do is that they don’t understand what’s really available in the MythoSelf Experience™, and they want to understand that before they’re willing to go and have the experience which of course is impossible, in reality though life is just not like that and what stops most people from having their life is they feel they have to think it through before they’ll go and do.This of course is a lousy decision strategy, BUT it’s what we’re taught in school and what project managers spend their lives doing: Set the goal and head straight for it having figured out what the problems will be ahead of time. It’s how to NOT get what you want because in the real world life happens and you get knocked off that project planned path. Some project managers will tell you you can plan for any contingency, I’d suggest they read Black Swan by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. We’re living in a world where too many people have crashed into or you might say been bitten by black swans.

But what I’ve gotten or one of the things I’ve gotten from the MythoSelf process is anembodied transpersonal decision making process that’s uniquely calibrated to me and how I have made good decisions so I can use that basis of learned experience to quickly make good decisions now, some people call this intuitive decision making (like Gary Klein in ‘The Power of Intuition’ and ‘Sources of Power’). And the unique added benefit the MythoSelf process adds is the TRANSPERSONAL part, or in other words the alignment with who you are meant to be becoming, what Joseph calls your ‘Trajectory of Intent’. Or how to continue to get what you want not just now but into the future as well.

Begona it sounds like you are going to train with Charles ‘THE INSIDER’ Moore of http://www.generativenlp.com/ and of course the lovely Janice (Charles’s SECRET WEAPON) Moore. Charlie is truly an exquisite trainer of the MythoSelf process and I can speak from personal experience about the powerful change work he does, as of course can many others as his website is overflowing with testimonials, so if you’re curious about other people’s experience have a look. Janice under her cute and friendly exterior is DEADLY in her precision and ability with this work, if you’ve seen the film Mr. & Mrs. Smith with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie they really are like that, calm and mild mannered on the surface but with hidden depths of skill and mastery of the powerful MythoSelf process, true secret agents of change.