What THE SECRET really is

A reply to Taso on the MythoSelf list: Virtually everyone interprets cost in the financial sense. So if you’re doing well you’re making a lot of money if you’re not doing well you’re in debt. This is why getting a good return for the shareholders has been seen as so good… You can screw the environment, you can screw your employees, and basically you can screw everyone as long as you get a nice fat return for your shareholders… I’m sure most of you reading this can think of examples in this paradigm where greed is seen as good, BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT SUCCESS HAS BEEN.

And for those of you who are not like this at all and want to develop yourselves so you can truly make a difference, is your path ‘let’s learn to make money then because I’m such an enlightened and good person and know so much better than those other people how things should be done I can spend that money on making worthy things happen’…?

I of course believe you completely and trust your worthy intentions… The question is will your intentions still be the same having walked this path, how much heart does this path have? Will you be enslaving your soul, selling your body, prostituting yourself to make a few more dollars to feed your ego’s addiction when the answer lies in just waking up.

Most people want to change the world starting with someone else.

If you want to know what THE SECRET really is, it’s not that once you’ve got enough self esteem, once you’ve been stroked sufficiently, once you’ve got those crucial skills, THEN you’ll have success… It’s how you become the person who can make happen what needs to happen, when you’re at cause in the world, not at the mercy of the effects of others.

It’s what Joseph talks about in Beyond Elite Performance as living on your Trajectory of Intent. It’s about transformation, it’s about composing a life where who you are brings about what you want to be happening in the world. It’s about, actually why don’t you just read Joseph’s words ‘cos he says it much better than I do here.