What is your criteria for success?

I wrote this to Alex on the MythoSelf list. As I said in the previous email the MythoSelf process is just not for most people. Most people, and I include myself in this example will go and buy an NLP training and having done that stop there, some people however want more. I did all the NLP training’s that Richard Bandler and his sponsor in the UK Paul McKenna offered. I even did a small group coaching programme with Michael Breen who was then Paul’s business partner. I chose NLP over MythoSelf in 1997 because I couldn’t get an answer of what MythoSelf was and the benefits it offered me.

So having trained with most of the international quality NLP trainers and a significant proportion of the worlds therapeutic geniuses and having met most of the others where do I find my fascination drawing me? MythoSelf. I could recognise what Joseph was offering because I had the experience of a sufficient number of other people as a basis of comparison. So do I regret not choosing to do Mytho when I had the option back then? Absolutely not, I’m who I am because of the journey that I’ve been on. But having been a person who’s been asked for advice as to what NLP training I would recommend by literally thousands of people (I’ve been one of those anonymous people ‘hanging out’ with the well known trainers at countless training’s and events). Now I can’t honestly recommend ANY NLP training. Look, I’m not saying that NLP is not extraordinarily valuable. AND believe it or not I even think Paul McKenna is doing a good thing training the thousands of people he trains. And as for marketing, Paul is doing extraordinary things. His face is literally everywhere, on the sides of buses, big posters at train stations. He’s giving most people what they want, the illusion of a quick fix.

OK, so maybe you’re as Peta Heskell describes them: “A microwave client”, maybe you really can change your life in seven days…

Paul’s book, Change Your Life in Seven Days was a bestseller, and it was in the top three books that get half read and never finished…

So maybe it took them longer to read than seven days….

It’s important to know what your criteria for success are. Is it putting bums on seats, filling the room, making some money then getting them out the door as quickly as possible?

Why are you doing what you are doing? If it is just to make money that gets stale after a while, as Joseph Campbell described it: “People climb the ladder of success only to find they’ve placed it against the wrong wall”. I have very successful people as my clients, barristers, world record holders, truly extraordinary people who’ve realised they’re not getting what they want out of life.

If you’d ever met Joseph Riggio you’d realise what it’s all about.

He embodies what he teaches.

He’s following his bliss, as Joseph Campbell described it, walking a path with heart as Castenada’s teacher don Juan described it.

People show up to the MythoSelf training’s because it’s a truly extraordinary experience. And that’s not for everyone…. Some people want the magic bullet, they’ll happily pay for the illusion if they don’t have to work too hard, if it’s quick, painless and comfortable.

Alex it’s worth pointing out that I’m not part of Applied Behavioural Technologies, I get no referral fees. I mention the training’s because I thought it would be a good idea for someone to. And it’s an opportunity to work at better expressing what I think the MythoSelf process is.