What calls me to adventure

Another post to the MythoSelf list: It fascinates me what people do after they do a Mytho training. Is it on to the next training in something else that seems a bit more marketable, where they can be a facilitator or perhaps more easily be certified as a facilitator as Joseph is pretty strict in his criteria and only certifies on competence. Or do they just go on to have their lives in a more awakened way, a way of being in the world as you say.

I think it’s interesting how much people want to be facilitators. It’s very satisfying to the ego to be able to facilitate someone, to be able to help them get what they want. Yet most people aren’t prepared to do the work on themselves to become masterful in what they do, having a few tricks is ok. We’ve been living in a world of delusion, borrowing more than we should without thought for the future, livingunsustainably. Some people say we’re going to run out of energy, we’ve reached the peak and now it’s all decline back into feudal times, very inhibitory if you ask me, and these people are so certain of their world view, and of course they would be having closed themselves off to new information (which is what being in the inhibitory means).

What calls me to adventure is being in the excitatory, I know yet another jargon word, but precision being the path to mastery it’s worth using the correct words. And as you well know being in the excitatory is just being open to possibility, but not just mentally your entire system being open. And another thing that fascinates me is that people so rarely have this, and the few times they do it’s caused by external circumstances, the universe aligns, the right person rubs them up the right way, or it just somehow magically happens. Being able to generate this for yourself (which is what the MythoSelf process does) changes everything. It’s what Carlos Castaneda described as shifting the assemblage point, it’s what G Spencer-Brown describes in Laws of Form as drawing a distinction and bringing a new reality into existence. Because once you’ve done this everything is different, and there is always a way to find away that works, whether you’re just solving your problems or thinking a little beyond yourself for a change.

The people who go on to other things are learning more knowledge but notnecessarilydeepening in wisdom. A great skill inchange-workis realising that changing your environment can radically change your ability to get what you want, like planting yourself in better soil. But a greater realisation is in being able to stop changing yourself and have the world change for you. It’s theGeorge Bernard Shaw quote: “Reasonable men adjust themselves to their environment. Unreasonable men attempt to change their environment to suit themselves. Therefore, all progress is the work of unreasonable men.” Building a sustainable life is the path to mastery which has been too unreasonable to too many people for far too long. But I have hope that people are waking up and realising it’s the only path worth walking a path with heart.

Being on a path to mastery is what calls me. Joseph has said this as being apprenticed to a master. Because it’s more than just the stuff you learn it’s about what’s called ‘transmission’, now you can give this esoteric meanings or keep it as simple as picking up all the out of conscious awareness stuff. It something that can only happen over a period of time. I think it’s fundamentally about how your perform, whether that’s with a client, with people you love or just how you move through life. Elite Performance is all about you, if you want to have an elite life you start with how you conduct yourself. Joseph describes it better than I can in the brochure for his upcoming program (click here) which is interesting for the extensive amount of time you get to interact with Joseph should you choose to apprentice yourself. But then that’s not for most people, it’s too much work, far easier to live a disposable life, and would you like fries with that Mr & Mrs Supersize…