Understanding Future Reality™ - The Secret of Making your Dreams into Reality part 1

Financially you probably get the idea that to be successful you either invest in yourself by saving money for the future or if you work for yourself you understand the idea of paying yourself first as the path to a successful business. Or at least some people do - perhaps you know you should be saving for the future but the demands of everyday life overtake your good intentions.

Or you’re so busy working in your business that you can’t find the time to work on your business.

But few people take the time not just to invest in their financial future but also their future in every other sense of the term. For example: How often do you actually think of the future in any way other than worrying about it?

OK, so you may have the occasional fantasy of winning the lottery or somehow everything magically turning out alright but for most people they have extraordinary difficulty articulating their dreams and because they are vague, hazy, blurry pictures with no structure they have no real reality that pulls you towards them and allows you to make progress on actually having a path to a future that you can take action on and actually began to make your dreams real.

If you are honest with yourself do you actually think of your dreams as something you could make real?

Or are they dreams so by definition are just something to dream about?

Well as a therapist of nearly 20 years experience who has seen clients go from suffering from terrible trauma to making a life worth living where they are happy and loving their lives to working with elite performers and world record holders I have the experience and privilege of working with people actually doing the work to achieve their dreams and yes it is not only possible but because it is so counterintuitive it’s almost impossible to get their without a guide.

This is obvious to professional athletes they know they have to have a coach.

If you’ve gotten to a position of business success where you are either running your own successful business or have a senior position on the leadership team of your organisation you got there through surviving the mistakes you made or had the good sense to find a mentor and learn from their mistakes so you didn’t have to repeat them.

It’s understanding that success is counterintuitive so by definition you can’t trust your intuition.

It’s the fundamental idea that many many people have extraordinary difficulty accepting that whatever the decision you’re about to make you are probably wrong. Most people want to believe that they are right which is why most people aren’t successful. You get successful by understanding that success is a team sport. Every pro athlete doesn’t just have a coach, they have their team that work with them (physiotherapist, dietician, counsellor, doctor, massage therapist, chiropractor, media advisor, legal advisor, manager etc.)

It's understand that successful people have advisors so they can not only benefit from the thinking of experts but you can work out your own thinking and refine it through other people. It’s this developmental process that takes dreams from vague to real.

And it may sound overwhelming and it’s true it is. But the secret here is yes it’s overwhelming but only when you try to keep it all in your own head.

This is why most people fail, why most businesses fail, they try to do it all themselves or they just never get started because it’s impossible to think through by yourself.

To be continued in part 2: Living life from the inside out - Becoming your own guide to the future you that you want to become.