Turning Yourself On - Becoming Alive to Possibility – The Art of Thinking Differently – Waking Up the Inner Coach Inside of You part 6

Being charged with life energy is erotic - but that’s not the same as being sexually turned on. Many people haven’t yet learned to tell the difference between sexuality and sensuality. You can be turned on by someone’s excitement - they’ve just had some wonderful news and have shared it with you.

You can be turned on by an event you are experiencing - you are riding your mountain bike down an exciting trail, you’re at a concert, you’re making music yourself or expressing yourself in whatever your art is.

You can be turned on by the desire to be with someone - a good friend or find being with a pet or animal turns you on, makes you more alive.

You can be turned on by learning something new.

This is how you tell whether you are hearing from the Inner Coach or the Inner Critic - your thoughts that are charged with life energy are from the Inner Coach, your thoughts that have a negative charge that feel bad are from the Inner Critic.

This is how you calibrate your attitude - remember attitude is your angle of approach to life.

It’s your choice of whether you listen to the Inner Coach or Inner Critic - you wouldn’t listen to someone who was telling you to do stupid or bad things so why do you listen to yourself when you are doing the same thing?

For some people it’s just habit.

They’ve forgotten they have an Inner Coach so just listen to the Inner Critic.

But like becoming better at anything it’s about practice and doing the work to get the results you want. The more you pay attention to the Inner Coach the more you take action on those thoughts the more you get the results you want in the real world.

It’s wiring your brain - neurogenesis - so you think the way you want to be thinking.

For some people they need to work with someone to help them develop their own Inner Coach. This is the process I specifically work with, with clients. The process is designed to build the capacity and capability to develop the same benefits from talking to an expert like me into your own life. My goal is to make myself redundant in your life because you’ve built the capacity to coach yourself. And you become more and more able to make the choices that get you the results that you want.

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