To the witches out there

A post to Agnes and Taso on the Mythoself list: I’ve found it interesting that quite a high percentage of the women I’ve met who have begun to be connected to a more empowering mythology describe themselves as witches. Not explicitly an anti-christian stance or pro-pagan but more a rejection of the cultural patriarchal bindings that limit the expression of the powerful divine feminine.

Our (western) culture which through the viral media is virtually a global culture, is a culture that sexualises a mythology of “desirable” woman as adolescent waif. A submissive, passive, victim that can only attain status by association with a strong virile male that resembles David Beckham, surface good looks but intelligence not required by either…

Women have forgotten their mythology and become victim to the enforced enculturation where it’s good to be dumb but pretty. Oh, and so have men by the way… If you don’t believe me look behind the scenes of any fashion magazine where Photoshop is the essential tool to sculpt the perfect look.

I used to do the tech stuff for fashion shows and other performances, for most models lunch is a cigarette and they’re profoundly dysfunctional because their identity is based on how they believe they look which is built from how the ‘right people’ have told them they look which is right for the camera or catwalk and has no bearing on reality.

And it’s these people who have become the replacement mythic heroines and heroes for a culture that thinks celebrity is the divine. A culture out of touch with the power that mythology holds and that you can get in touch with and embody for yourself.

So I know there are some witches on this list, how about you throw off your enchantments of invisibility and expose yourselves in all your divine femininity.

I kneel in awe before your beauty and prostrate myself in the hope of your interest and attention…

Note:  Actually I’m just saying the last line for the benefit of any wannabe witches. Really I’m standing here, erect, tall and proud. Knowing that you recognise the divine masculine and that Goddesses like to frolic with Gods. And it was just the Christian labelling or framing that made Goddess = witch.

By the way if you’re Christian and object to any of the above I welcome your correction (though not by inquisition) and tales of divine Christian feminine.

Oh, and of course I would add if you want to stop being a victim of your enculturation you need to step up and become one of the elite