This is not for everyone

A post to Daryl on the MythoSelf list, What a conventional business advisor would do with you is work on your business plan to make sure it is viable. The reality is most small businesses fail, something like more than 80% in the first 5 years. And of those that do make it most earn less than if they’d been employed by someone else.

So why on earth would you want to do something so risky?

In the video Joseph very clearly says this is not for everyone.

I’ve met a lot of people who like Joseph Campbell’s idea of the Hero’s Journey because they want to be the hero. The good looking knight on his valiant steed, putting the world to rights and doing away with the bad guys. But if we look at some contemporary mythology, I like the Lord of the Rings, the hero is not the knight in shining armour it is the barefoot little Hobbit who has the strength of character to do the hero deed.

If you haven’t seen the film trilogy go watch it because the question I have for you and anyone reading is do you think Frodo and Sam were having a good time on their adventure?

Sam is mostly telling stories about how wonderfull it was back home in the Shire.

He could go home, but for some reason carries on.

Frodo chooses to carry on to do what must be done. Why? Why does he choose to do what must be done?

Daryl the reality is and this may sound cruel that you will find a way or you won’t. The question is how much do you want it? Like in the Zen story, do you want it like the drowning man wants air?

If so you will find a way.

Most people are not hero’s. Most people want the delusion of the beautiful knight his adoring people kneeling before him, not the little barefoot Hobbit trekking through endless pain and misery against an impossible goal.

That’s the reality of the story, the impossible goal. And why it’s well worth watching the trilogy. How do you do the impossible?

The answer is as Joseph says in the video, it’s about being in touch with your mythology. This is not an academic experience, not symbolic wounds, but bloody slices of your body and soul.

The other contemporary mythological reference often used is Star Wars, because it is such a good reference. You probably remember at the start Luke’s defacto parents are killed, he’s made homeless and loses virtually everything he has. Nice fun start huh?

Excuse the capitals but to reiterate what Joseph said THIS IS NOT FOR EVERYONE.

I’ve gone through the someone I truly love dies, losing everything, and yet I’m currently moving into a million pound home not because of the path of sound business plan etc., etc. Not what would remotely be considered the conventional route. But because of who I am and of who I am becoming, because I am in touch with my Mythology. THANKS TO JOSEPH.

If you’re going to build anything of lasting value, you build strong and deep foundations. It’s about who you are. Being the person who has the resilience to continue when life comes up with things you’d really rather not have happen. Because that’s life and that’s what will happen.

It’s the ontological thing. Who are you? And have you the courage to get past the threshold guardian? Because it’s there to test whether you are worthy to go on the adventure.