There are no components, it is whole-form

Another reply to Tivo, this time not on the MythoSelf list but directly to him. There’s no personal content so I’ve posted it here as you might find it enlightening :-) When I’m facilitating clients they come up with one story that resonates initially… It’s not a transderivational search, it’s transpersonal. It’s what Campbell said about mythology, they’re describing the indescribable, which is why quite often some clients have difficulty finding the words ;-) Others interestingly just have it before you’ve finished asking them… Again I want to add in the warning about what this is not, simply because that is what most people are doing, it’s like most people think being skilful in NLP is being able to do the techniques they’ve learnt… But don’t do the setup, probably because that takes hours not minutes, and so don’t have the art. The art is tickling them so they come sublimely to just have the answer, which makes it look easy thereby hiding the art.

There are no components, it is whole-form. For example you’re breaking what I say up into pieces which changes the meaning. Break up anything and you’ll change it’s meaning. Go back and read the entire sentence then it will make sense, or if it doesn’t read it again. You can’t build it piece by piece. For example, some of the clients I have, have done a lot of NLP. I lead them to have the experience where for them literally anything is possible. They know how to do it, it’s easy for them to do, simple, elegant. Then they go home and start to think about it, try to work it out logically, step by step, so it makes sense. By doing this they fuck it up and can’t do it because it doesn’t make sense logically (or at least using their logic). They call me on the phone, I tell them to stop thinking about it and just do what the fuck I told them to do… If phrased sufficiently like this they actually do it and have the experience again… Then they go away and think about it some more and…..

You need to build the capacity to ‘get it’ whole form. That’s the only way to get it. You don’t understand, you realise.