The Ultimate Problem Solving Hack - Thinking For Yourself part 3

A problem is a problem because you make that distinction. Change the distinction and you change the problem into something else.

Most problems change when you start from the position of feeling good.

If the problem can't be solved by you, you change the "you" part of that equation.

This is how you make the impossible possible.

If you live a life where there are times when you feel negative, lack passion for your work and just generally don't like how your life is. It's not all the external stuff that needs to change it's the internal you that needs to change.

If you feel negative, unhappy and worried it could be because you are in the habit of letting those emotions run you.

I often ask clients what emotion they feel before they go and do the thing we are talking about them going and doing and the initial response is almost always that they aren't feeling any emotion. It's a purely intellectual decision or thinking process they claim they go through.

If they think about it for longer they often get that they are feeling some negative emotion, whether that's just a light unease or something stronger.

This is why I talk about experience being a Feeling Thinking Loop™ because feeling is always priming what we think.

If you are stuck and have problems you can't solve you change the "you" part of that equation.

Prime yourself with different feelings and you will think differently about what used to be the problem.

I call this: "Winning before you play".

It's always the best opening move to start with yourself and how you feel.

And this isn't about confidence. It's as I was saying last time. What's beyond what you dream? What would be epic or legendary? This isn't the BHAG the big hairy audacious goal, it's a story, a process not a fixed thing to accomplish.

How do you feel when you are epic, when you are legendary?

This is a different order of consideration.

It makes the problems smaller. Molehills not mountains.

And it's just something you do in your head. Or something you do when you are thinking for yourself.

Which is a question of developing the mental flexibility in just the same way going to the gym develops your physical flexibility which is why a personal trainer is so helpful.

When you shift your perspective things change.

And remember emotions organise and structure you not just colour your perception.

You don't need to be Tony Robbins on stage in front of thousands of people to be epic and legendary.

I like the analogy of surfing which I've used before when I talk about how I use my concept of attitude.

Beginners are looking for the big wave they can ride, how much they can do in the time they have. The pro is out there all day in the water waiting. But that doesn't mean they are doing nothing.

George Leonard says this very well in his book Mastery. That life is lived on the plateau and only occasionally are their opportunities to level up, or catch the epic or legendary wave to use my words.

But it's by being in the water and going with the flow of what's happening, being able to keep your balance when the molehill size waves come along so when the mountain sized opportunity of a problem comes along you have the right attitude or angle of approach to ride where that takes you without going under.

Because it takes you somewhere new.

It's a new opportunity.

Next time: Finding Your Warriors Heart and Not Selling your Soul to the Devil (The Mythic Hack).