The ‘trick’ of internet marketing and making money online.

I sent this to a good friend of mine, I hope you’ll enjoy it as well. The usual marketing trick is: “If you knew these answers (secrets) you’d be successful”. Or because you don’t have these answers (secrets) you’re not successful… And marketing that in an emotional way. AND in such an emotional way, that there’s only a limited number available and you’ve got a limited time before they are taken off the market and you’ve just seen all these videos each day for the past two weeks that are over an hour long each, so gosh if he’s delivering all that value FREE, just think how much is going to be in the actual product!! And all these other people who are well known in the marketing field are recommending him, saying he’s the best thing out there and you’ve just received emails from them coincidentally at the time his launch is going live!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s layered on you layer after layer of emotional wanting, stroking your desire glands till it becomes excruciating the want to buy, and it’s all carefully designed that way.

The point about the ‘secrets’ is a logical trick, people run the future projection that having secret x, y or z means that that’s the ‘difference’ that would make them successful. The sales pitch is apply secret x to the problem of someone wanting to be successful. So once you’ve bought secret x and applied it then you will be successful. This makes logical sense yes?

But people are running the future projection from now, with the strategy that to get from where they are to where they want to be they just do x. This is how more or less everyone thinks. In strategy (a French word that came from Napoleon) there are two schools. Jomini and Von Clausewitz. Everyone does Jomini which is the process I’ve just described to you. Which also happens to be a very Newtonian paradigm (18th century).

The reason the word strategy comes from Napoleon was that he was so extraordinarily successful and they asked how and why? That how and why became ‘strategy’. So Jomini said Napoleon set the strategic objective and planned for it did “x” and therefore got the result.

By contrast von Clausewitz says what Napoleon actually did was look for the battles he could win, and didn’t fight unless he knew beforehand that he could win. So Napoleon was different than prior military commanders in that he actually went to the front line rather than commanding from a tent in the safety of the rear. Also you usually see him pictured on a horse, ‘cos he was always moving about in the chaos of the confrontation looking for when things came together and the opportunity presented itself where he could win. The French term for this is Coup D’Oeil. I’d translate this for you as the cubic centimetre of chance.

So how do you take advantage of this cubic centimetre of chance? Well I think you know the answer to this already, it’s contained in the MythoSelf process.

Oh and we’re also now a little more up to date in a quantum paradigm… Which to virtually everyone doesn’t make logical sense.

You can get magical solution x and magical solution y and magical solution z and all the fucking magical solutions A - Z. And they make sense to buy from an 18th century Newtonian paradigm, we’re still fucking cave men and women and respond to people pushing our emotional buttons. There’s a biological reality to how people respond.

You can have all the ‘magic’ in place all the 80+ million dollar staff and it may not work.

Magic is misdirection. See all this nice glittery stuff, oooh how it draws the eye so you wont see my fingers taking the money out of your wallet or purse…

It sells ‘cos people want to believe. It sells ‘cos people are emotional creatures, it sells ‘cos there is a structure to how to make people respond (like saying things in three’s :-)

Call me Mr Cynical ;-)