The Tracker

It’s always the ‘translating the experience into words’… And yet you could just ‘have the experience’… Without attaching words or labels to try to represent it in ways that it’s not or never can be.

By attaching words you either create value or remove value from the experience.

The experience is just what the experience is.

So you could sort by the description, and the value based judgement or sort by the experience ;-)

The Tracker goes into the woods without a map. He’s never lost as where he is, is where he is. He (or she) is not in a hurry to reach the destination as the journey is the important part. And the journey changes the destination. So you head out in one direction as that’s where the tracks lead you. But if you’re paying attention to where you are, rather than where you are going there maybe better routes, better tracks to follow which you wouldn’t have seen if your eyes were just focussed on the goal. As the result of making the journey, the journey changes the Tracker. So the Tracker knows the importance of choosing a worthwhile journey. The map is where other people have been and it shows what they have seen. The Tracker knows that most people don’t see anything as they don’t know how to see. They’re usually standing on top of something exquisite and beautiful and don’t notice both the magic and the mystery…