Getting Unstuck using the Feeling Thinking Loop™ - The Story Making Process - The Art of Thinking Differently – Waking Up the Inner Coach Inside of You part 4

Where people get stuck is they don't know there is a Feeling Thinking Loop™ and so get lost in a degenerative spiral. Something happens - things don't go the way you want, so you feel bad or unhappy about that. Those feelings then prime your thinking so now your next thought is negatively biased and you start thinking how it's going to make your life worse which creates a further bad feeling etc., etc....

This probably sounds familiar in that you recognise when you've done this.

The key here is that this is a story making process.

From the external event that happened out in the real world because of the Feeling Thinking Loop you've created directionality based on how you felt.

Narrative is by definition a sequence of events that happen through time - A story.

So an event happens out in the real world that either causes you to think about that event then feel and the loop continues, or you feel then think primed by that feeling and the loop continues.

But you also just think and then feel a particular way about that thinking and the loop continues.

And you just feel which primes your next thought and the loop continues.

So how you feel can be based on a thought or feeling.

And have no relation to any real event.

No relationship to reality at all.

But your thinking feels correct when that feeling of correctness is there.

And you feel right and justified in whatever action you take when you believe your thinking.

We believe the stories we tell ourselves.

They need to have no relationship to reality at all.

So how helpful do you think this is in getting the results you want, the outcomes, the success you want in the real world?

You're telling yourself stories that have no relation to reality, and because we all naturally have a negativity bias you are almost certainly telling yourself negative stories.

So who is the storyteller?

Is it the inner critic telling you how to not get what you want.

Or have you done the work to build an inner coach that's on your side, on your team, helping you to get what you want?

Next time: Defining and Designing Yourself – The Story of You.