The point of transformation

I posted this to Tivo on the MythoSelf Yahoo group today: The point of transformation is that everything is different… To be especially clear in saying this, if you can conceptualise who and what you want to be becoming, this is almost certainly not it. As that would just be a rearrangement of the existing stuff, translation rather than transformation.

Joseph Campbell said that myth had one foot in the ordinary world and the other in the transcendent. In that context it’s the bridge or the way of describing/conceptualising what is indescribable.

What people like to do and where they go wrong is choosing stories they like, as the choosing is for what appeals, which is usually what is missing, what they don’t have and think they would like to have… This is delusion… If you stay stuck with that, but if you realise it is merely just the call to adventure, THEN you can take the leap of faith and embark on the journey.

By contrast being facilitated in the MythoSelf process a new way of being is built… From here different stories resonate… You’re not choosing from here. There’s an identification from the way of being… It is fit and match with how you now are. There is no choice, the story just fits.

You don’t integrate, you don’t take the new and soil it with the old. There is no construction. It is: “I am in intent, I’m present/ready” or whatever your description for this way of being is, then from there decide/act. Elegant huh?