the MythoSelf Process and Frank Herbert’s Dune

Joseph has drawn influences from a variety of sources as any true innovator does. I’d point out that Joseph explicitly gives credit to where he draws his influences from, this is in contrast to a lot of other teachers who either claim credit for others peoples work or just ‘forget’ to attribute the source of their learning. The obvious example here is NLP. There have been a number of NLP wars over the years where you have faction fighting faction as to who created what and therefore who owns what. If you’ve ever been to a NLP conference where there’s an AGM it is astounding to realise there’s a room full of supposed ‘communication experts’ who can’t communicate with each other. If you’re on any of the NLP lists (See Yahoo Groups), so often it’s the tiresome argument about who’s right.

This of course is the story of people operating in an epistemological model (NLP) and arguing which of them has the right model when they’ve forgotten one of the foundational tenets that the map is not the territory.

You’ll notice by contrast on the MythoSelf Yahoo Group list you have people operating from an ontological model. So you have people sorting aesthetically and things aren’t so black and white where I’m right and you’re wrong but people appreciate the beauty inherent in the difference in peoples responses. Even people like Robert Johansson who deliberately provokes only gets pounced on when he is deliberately misrepresenting that he is speaking from a MythoSelf viewpoint when he has virtually no training in this area of expertise. Most people aspire to what I would suggest is Joseph’s attitude of allowing Robert the freedom to learn from participating in this group. Though it is necessary to sometimes clean up his shit, as you would for any young child. I’m reminded of the Zen story of the teacher continuing to pour tea into the students cup, and pour and pour and pour.

There is no reference to the MythoSelf process in the Dune books. Joseph references his reading and interpretation of the Dune books in MythoSelf training. As I said the MythoSelf is an experiential process, so you NEED to go and have the experience. If you are going to talk about it you need to find suitable metaphors to point to the experience. Joseph Campbell pointed to the underlying structure to the worlds mythologies which he called the monomyth. There’s many different ways to explain the experience, BUT that’s not the same as having the experience. See my Hot News link for details of how YOU can have the experience of your life.