The Future - more Bladerunner than Neuromancer

Yesterdays Guardian newspaper here in the UK has an article about the Ministry of Defences “future strategic context” or their pessimistic ideas for what is going to happen in the next 30 years:,,2053020,00.html the part that interested me was the “by 2035 an implantable information chip could be directly wired into the brain”. Clearly they’ve just got around to reading William Gibson’s Neuromancer which came out in 1984. It is also fascinating that many people still think of ‘intelligence’ as being just in the head. Curiously the 1982 film Bladerunner another significant milestone in the 1980’s Cyberpunk genre seems a better vision, and I don’t mean that we’ll all be replaced by robotic replicants, but then again maybe some people already have been and they just haven’t noticed yet!! The reason why I put the Mytho training’s on my news page is that they give you the opportunity to wake up to a life worth living, to learn how to go beyond the mindless day to day, many of my clients tell me that they want to be more successful. The secret is in the “be”, you need to learn how to “be” before you can “do”. Anyway Bladerunner showed us a vision of a fusion culture of east and west. Recently the Chinese premier Wen Jiabao articulated China’s long term vision of greatness and strategy to achieve national goals in their 100 year vision. You can read more at:

The other part of how to really be successful is knowing what you want, having the vision or story or mythology in place of where you are going. Again one of the fundamentals of the MythoSelf.

Why is having a vision important, well if you need the reminder here’s JFK’s Rice stadium moon speech in video, audio and text:

Choose to have the life you want, your life, a life worth living. Don’t stay behind, move ahead. Be bold before you grow too old… The adventure is waiting.