The benefit of having a mentor/guide

Another post to the MythoSelf list: And the benefit of having a mentor/guide who’s completed the journey is that they can hold the space for you, (or you might say hold the reigns) and lead you to having that experience for yourself. The interesting thing about Mythoself facilitation is that when done exquisitely well people don’t get that they are being facilitated. Some people might call it conversational hypnosis but it’s much more than that. The rider on the horse has been used as a metaphor with the horse as the unconscious, a great beast in need of taming from the Freudian point of view, but Joseph does the more natural horse whisperer type thing of going into the horses reality and not breaking the will of the horse but allowing himself to be led in the direction he wants the horse to go. It sounds paradoxical written here but is illustrated beautifully by the Dance of the Elements™ part of MythoSelf programs as I’m sure you remember.

What most coaching and consulting limits itself to is the verbal (semantic) interplay and the development of that skill, leaving out the somatic, leaving out the greater part of communication. It’s like learning about riding but never getting on the horse. Your uncle did a wonderful thing for you, getting a horse that could teach you. Like in dancing it’s not about leading or being led it’s about how you are with the person you are dancing with, how present you are to their experience, how present you can help them be to your experience and how present you can both be to how you can be together. I don’t know enough about horses to comment, but I do know dogs. And one of the gifts a dog brings to you is to bring you into the present moment into the now, into the eternal moment of unconditional love shared in that moment, whether it’s the game of throwing the ball that’s brought back to you to be thrown again, endlessly. Or just walking nose alive to thescentsof life around you, the world infinitely richer when you open yourself up to the beauty that’s there.

I love Bradford Keeney’s book Aesthetics of Change as it’s the aesthetic filter that changes everything. What Joseph teaches is how to put that in place. Joseph says he’s a one trick pony. But that trick is everything. The MythoSelf may be a somatic process but it’s in the art of the use of the semantic that the magic is created. Joseph’s Soma-Semantic™ technology which the MythoSelf is built from. The skill of the magician is in making the trick seem easy, I have a friend who’s a magician, his fingers are endlesslypractisinghis art. Is it about what you see Joseph doing or is it about having the experience? You can only learn to ride by getting on the horse.