Taking the clothes off Shamanism part 1 - Unfolding Possibility

There seems to be a wanting to intellectualise shamanism - which of course is perfectly natural in our 21st century over intellectualised world. I want to make some distinctions here that I hope you’ll find useful and productive.

I originally come from a Huna lineage, the idea here is that the secrets were hidden in the Hawaiian language but people always take things so literally when that generally just isn’t so.

Anything esoteric - usually defined as “hidden” - but if you look at the meaning more carefully its about “being understood by those with specialist knowledge” this was done so you have to do the work beforehand, you have to walk the path before it makes sense to you.

The beauty of this is you can hide these things in plain site because that’s the best and safest place to hide things and people walk past just not noticing. It’s the Zen idea of the finger pointing at the moon. People look at the finger or they look at the moon but they can’t see the experience.

So I apologise as this is already starting to sound too intellectualised but the reality is as always beyond words :-)

When I use the word “energy” I’m usually doing so because I get most people I talk to lack sufficient awareness of their emotions and their body that I need to use something as a placeholder.

Similarly with words like “spirit” or “soul” they have such strong emotional meanings for many people but they haven’t developed the sensitivity to get in touch with the felt sense of these experiences so therefore any sense of them is an out of control type experience.

The path to power is very simply developing the sensitivity, or you could say learning to see, which may add to the confusion because it is learning to see not with the eyes but with the body or heart.

When you have feelings you feel them in the body - if you think you feel them outside of the body that is your mind disassociating that feeling from your body. This is very common. In the traumas of everyday life we learn to not feel things that are unpleasant or we don’t like or don’t want to admit to ourselves.

We put our bodies to sleep in a trance of forgetfulness so we can endure the unhappiness that is unfortunately too common in many peoples lives.

Shamanic journeying is journeying into the body and recovering your full awareness.

It’s this disconnection of mind from body or said slightly differently of mind from heart that disconnects people from their power.

It’s this disconnection or lack of power that leads to feelings of lack, of feelings of being lost or adrift in everyday life. The more you reconnect to your power the more your life becomes purposeful because you are not adrift, you are not lost and you have passion and purpose, what I call “unfolding possibility”.

And the more you unfold your possibility the more your life begins to work because you are going in a direction where you are more alive and making a difference in the world.

The more alive and whole you are in yourself the more you contribute to making the world alive and whole.

Seductive mental images are delusion, any mental images are delusion when used unintentionally!!! To see clearly you see with your heart. You feel what is true.

Delusion wastes your power.

Journeying into mental images wastes your power.

Power comes from being in the world embodied.

The epistemological intellectual world of thought is seductive - it’s the world of lies and deception.

Becoming “real” is becoming embodied in the world - connecting to your power animal is powerful because the animal has a resonant presence as real animals do. They come from mother earth. Nature is red in tooth and claw but we shrink in fear from that naturalness in our human thinking fearfulness.

The fully human human is both animal and human and does not deny the animal in himself or herself but embraces it with love in a dance of relationship.

You walk differently when you embody the walk of your animal guiding your steps and that aliveness with every breath breathing in power fills your entire body not just your lungs with the élan vital the breath of life, the Goddess breathing her sweet breath into your mouth.

When you begin to taste life rather than think about life your feet are on the path of real shamanism NAKED SHAMANISM.