Service and Sales - the Naked Business Shaman’s perspective

Do you really understand the word “service” as in “to be of service”? I work with many absolutely lovely business people who want to do good in the world, they are coaches, consultants, therapists, bodyworkers and healers. People who really want to make a difference who want to be of service in making things better.

But in their marketing and sales they don’t get the idea of being of service - which is often why they are so poor at both marketing and sales.

They want to help people yes, but help them in the way that they want to help people not in the way that those people want to be helped. It’s the classic map is not the territory distinction they talk about in NLP but somehow forget about in actually working with people and put their maps over their clients map.

The shaman understands a persons map - that their reality is sacred.

And to trample over it even in ignorance is one of the worst things, one of the most insulting things you can do. It’s an insult that while the client may not consciously express their resentment against they will unconsciously resist the imposition and distress caused.

In sales respect demonstrated both consciously and unconsciously is the start of the sales relationship - a relationship of service.

The lovely people who feel uncomfortable about selling are often feeling this way because they have’t yet learnt that their job is to be of service to the client BUT most importantly to be of service to their client AND their clients map of reality. This is an experience in the sacred dimension of reality.

It’s the shaman’s job to deal with the sacred - traditionally they were the living link, between the normal world and the divine sacred spiritual the that which is beyond words to contain.

It’a this experience of walking in two worlds that enables the functional sensitivity to the reality of the client.

Sensitivity of course is always in the eye of the beholder and unfortunately we live in a world of the blind, the uncaring, the unfeeling who tread unknowingly on the fragile reality of beautiful people who both want and need help BUT fortunatley in most cases have the awareness to choose based on people who feel right.

It’s this dimension that is missing - the respect for the authenticity of the clients felt sacred experience that can only be addressed not through some formula for sales and marketing but in developing the capacity and awareness to be able to feel for yourself what steps to take. It’s not a formula it’s a dance.

And good dancing like good sex doesn’t happen in the thinking mind it happens in the body.

Enhance your sales and marketing (and your sex life) by becoming embodied as a Naked Shaman.