Resilience, and how to reach the very top ... of the mountain

A reply to Jon Nicoll on the MythoSelf Yahoo group: Interestingly the site ( also says:

His efforts this time are raising money for the Marie Curie Cancer Care charity - his wife, mother and sister all died from the disease within 18 months.

The BBC’s Andrew North joined Sir Ranulph during the first two days of the climb and said it was obvious that a “bull-headed determination” drove him on.

It reminds me that with the right lever you can move anything… Or maybe that’s accomplish anything… But the question of course it how you get the leverage on yourself? I would of course suggest that operating from the aesthetic paradigm is how you get that leverage. And am of course reminded of George Leonard’s book Mastery, which emphasises the key is about being able to sustain the journey along the plateau not just focusing on the moments of transformation.

In the Tai Chi class I go to one of the senior students had just come back from China this week having spent a couple of weeks out there training with the Master of this particular system. His comments about what he learnt were all about the playfulness, the lightness of how this teacher transmitted his wisdom. If you don’t enjoy the training you’re not going to train.

The key to elite performance is being able to develop the requisite mastery of the relevant skill-sets which takes work, more work, then, yes more work. How you sustain or build the resilience is that you operate out of the aesthetic paradigm which of course changes everything and work is not work it’s the sensuous pleasure of devotion to the beautiful. It’s what BEP or Beyond Elite Performance is all about, click here for more.