‘REAL MAGICK’ is more ‘as below, so above’

The problem with ‘True Magic’ is that it is ‘as above so below’. Might I suggest ‘REAL MAGICK’ is more ‘as below, so above’. I used to see the people who were really into ritual when I worked in a mental hospital…

It was another Michael that said about being able to see the maiden and the mother in the crone. I think of my 95 year old grandmother, with my 5 year old nephew and see both the mother and the maiden. While it’s true you will resonate with a particular pattern, it’s also true at times you may resonate with another pattern. It’s like saying you are a particular astrological sign, yes you are, and you are so much more.

The more you slice time, the more you can accurately say you are a particular thing. The more you are in time, the less you are a particular thing and the more you are analog not digital. The more you choose to be becoming (analog) not digital (I’m this or that) the more you are becoming what you choose to be becoming.