Primal Stories - Death. Food. Sex. The stories that unconsciously drive you - How you are so out of control. The Art of Thinking Differently – Waking Up the Inner Coach Inside of You part 3

If there were no social control, if society didn't exist or if you've had a few too many drinks the primal stories take control. But in reality they are in control all the time anyway and most of the time you don't know it you just respond and react. The primal animal in you responds.

You respond like a primal animal to the five F's:

Am I going to FIGHT?

Am I going to run away (FLIGHT)?

The involuntary response of FREEZE.

Am I going to eat it or will it eat me (Is it FOOD?)

Do I want to FUCK it or does it want to FUCK me?

This is our biology responding it's the Feeling part of the Feeling Thinking Loop™ driving.

It's the primal animal reality hiding just below the surface social programming.

It's how you really respond and justify it logically later to be comfortable with the decision you've already made.

You want to have sex with him or her but you are already in a relationship or married so you put yourself in a situation where it is likely to happen rather than less likely. Because desire is in control of you - you want to FUCK.

Chocolate - you know you shouldn't. But you do anyway because you deserve it, you deserve FOOD.

You are late and someone pushes you out of the way when you are rushing to get on the train and the inner caveman or woman in you wants to kill the fucker (FIGHT).

Some mean looking angry arsehole is trying to push in the queue for the train in front of you and you raise your hand to ward them off and quickly get out of their way (FLIGHT).

You are at the station on the train and all these bad tempered miserable people are arguing and pushing and shoving and you are unable to move not knowing what to do (FREEZE).

These are just some of the stories that control you.

The primal stories running just below the surface of your awareness.

And because you are human you react like humans do you react based upon how you feel rather than how you think.

The Feeling Thinking Loop™ is running unintentionally with your feelings driving and priming your thinking.

As I’ve said before to create success for yourself you intentionally operate the Feeling Thinking Loop so you set yourself up to win before the game starts.

If you are letting the Feeling Thinking Loop run you, you are living in reaction rather than choosing and deciding for yourself.

This is the value of understanding the Feeling Thinking Loop and understanding not just at the thinking level. Remember it's a loop.

So the more you pay attention to your somatic process - how you are doing the feeling part of the loop the more up stream you can start to notice when you are starting to respond.

It's adding your heart into the equation. But not just living by intuition alone. Yes that's part of the equation but things don't add up when you have part of the equation.

It's where good heart centred people go off track- they are all heart so don't think enough.

In their personal intimate sex life.

With family and friends.

And of course in business.

But with the Feeling Thinking Loop you are working with both heart and head in the equation so get a result that works. Things add up and you come up with the right answer.

It's how you make your story one you want to be living, by living intentionally, consciously aware the Feeling Thinking loop is running all the time.

So when you start to feel the effects of the start of the primal story affecting you - you take control of the story, you become the teller of the story not just a participant in it.

You are the designer of your life.

You are the writer and director.

You create the magic.

You make it beautiful.

Next time: Getting Unstuck using the Feeling Thinking Loop™ – The Story Making Process.