NLP Training

When I was training with Bandler (97/98) everything was DHE flavoured, though actually saying everything sounded DHE would be more accurate. What it really emphasised to me was the importance of the auditory modality and how for many many people this is a latent system. NHR which I experienced a few years later seemed more kinaesthetic, though clothed in the guise of doing stuff with energy and chakras. About recommending NLP training. I’d suggest a good question would be, “Why do you want to undertake NLP training?” Answering this will give you more of an idea of what training to take. Many people have very vague ideas of what they want, and so get that (in other words not a lot). A little statistic for you that you’ll either find interesting or frustrating - 99.9% of people becoming NLP Trainers never do paying work as Trainers…

Every so often there are arguments on other groups about not doing a Bandler training, the justification usually being we’ll give you all the stuff you need to understand yourself better - better thinking skills, better communication/influence/persuasion skills. The Bandler training’s, at-least in the UK are mostly sold by Paul McKenna’s celebrity status. What most people don’t get about Bandler is that whether he says he’s doing NLP, DHE, or NHR he’s very very good with language and hypnosis. So a lot of people get behavioural change and not a lot of understanding. The comment usually is about ‘getting the attitude’, which is a behavioural change. So a good combination is actually a mix of Bandler and some other NLP training. Personally I got a lot from Jonathan Altfeld’s training’s.

But the more valuable question is still: “What do you want?”

Or if you want the advice of someone who’s done NLP (perhaps even a bit too much) is go and find a MythoSelf training