Monsters or magical helpers?

It’s one of those strange things about perspective… Looking back you can see how all the twists and turns, obstacles, snakes and ladders caused you to get where you are now. And you wouldn’t be where you are now not having gone through all the shit. Looking forward it looks like the barrier is impassable. One of my favourite quotes from the Castaneda books is when Carlos is complaining to his mentor Don Juan who’s about to send him off into the desert to face yet another enemy. Carlos is saying he can’t go on, each enemy has been stronger and more deadly than the last and this one’s going to be tougher still. It’s just not possible, he doesn’t have it within himself.

Don Juan points out that because Carlos has faced each of the enemies he has grown in strength himself, he has incorporated his enemies strength into himself. He’s not who he was when he started the journey. The journey has worked on him just as he has worked on the journey.

I remember Joseph Campbell saying the world is a fit and match for you, just as you are a match for the world.

It seems like it’s not working when you view things from a static position. i.e. You looking out at the world. If you understand that you are never in a static position (except in a mental construct in your head) things are different. If you’re organising your life from a teleological position, it’s all about what you are becoming. So you are filtering using a towards rather than away from strategy. You can repeatedly go “don’t like this, don’t like that” and continue to move away from and not get anywhere. When you’re moving towards, you are noticing for what is working and what you want to do. So you are going towards what you want.