Love makes us think creatively, sex makes us think analytically

Jens Förster, Kai Epstude, and Amina Özelsel at the University of Amsterdam have demonstrated that love makes us think differently in that it triggers global processing, which in turn promotes creative thinking and interferes with analytic thinking. Thinking about sex, however, has the opposite effect: it triggers local processing, which in turn promotes analytic thinking and interferes with creativity. “One of the most noteworthy implications of these experiments is that love and sex don’t simply influence the way we think about the people we love or desire. Instead, they influence the way we think about everything.”

From the latest issue of Scientific American:

Are you a lover? If you are you’ll be more creative so will more likely get what you want, than if you just want sex. Sounds like Joseph’s distinction in the MythoSelf process between excitatory and inhibitory.