Living life from the inside out - Becoming your own guide to the future you that you want to become. Understanding Future Reality™ - The Secret of Making your Dreams into Reality part 2

Future Reality™ is about building the future you want to be living in. But the key that most people don’t think about is that it has to be you that builds it - so you can’t model your success on someone else because you are not them. Of course you can be inspired by others but that’s not the same as what you hear people talk about when they tell you about modelling success. And it’s not something you can get from one of these $2000 courses where you follow the blueprint to success because you have to build your blueprint for what you want.

It’s the lazy man’s idea that if I could just have a little piece of the magic that makes this person £100,000 - we’ll I’d be happy with an extra £10,000 a month. Except that doesn’t work - what works is when you make the magic.

Many people don’t like the idea of having to do the work - they want the easy way that doesn’t exist, they want the online business that turns their computer into a cash machine that prints money - and of course if you were actually printing money you’d very shortly get caught and sent to jail.

But having had the privilege of working with people who have suffered and turned their lives around and having worked with world record holding athletes and other elite performers there are some key distinctions - literal keys to success that they understand and work with that are all about doing the work that leads to real results that I want to share with you.

First is understanding that you make the magic.

That the big win is the result of all the little wins. Most athletes here in the UK don’t start out with sponsorship - they train before and after their 9-5 job. The win is getting up at 5am, the next win is eating that healthy breakfast, the next win is getting the first bus of the day to where you go training. And that’s all before you’ve started your training.

Success is built from success. But you have to be noticing for that success, not just looking for the big win, it’s not about gambling it’s about doing the work.

So how good are you about noticing for the success in your life, the little wins?

Do you lead your team by getting them to build on their successes - are you even noticing for what works? Or do you manage by noticing for what isn’t working and complain and criticise. The first is a leader the second is a manager.

If you want to win you have to be a leader and leaders start by leading themselves. And the secret to leading yourself is operating yourself from the inside out being able to know what is right for you and going and doing that as opposed to just not knowing what to do and feeling stuck going nowhere.

You know how to build your future because you know where you are going. You know not just in your head but in your heart.

You build a vision that is so powerful that it pulls not just you but others with you.

Now vision is one of those interesting ideas because people think it’s just visual. And yes one of the secrets to motivating and inspirational speaking is to be able to speak to an idea that builds the visual representation of the future you want people to head towards - if they can’t see it they don’t know where to go.

But as any athlete knows if part of practicing is visualisation - let’s say you are visualising shooting hoops in basketball. While you are on the court close your eyes - now what would you do?

How visualisation is often taught is just saying practice the visual process of seeing yourself get the ball in hoop.

Ok if you now try this in real life, on the court eyes still closed - I’ll bet you are going to miss…

Instead open your eyes and put your attention on your body and with the combination of looking where you are shooting and the awareness of what you body is doing practice until you can get the ball in the hoop reliably.

Once you can do this you know how to practice visualisation when you are not on the court because it’s not about what you do visually it’s about what you do with your body.

So you can close your eyes and picture yourself about to shoot but then you need to pay attention to what you are doing with your body - How are your feet positioned? Where is your balance? How are you holding the ball? How do your arms move in combination with your body when you shoot AND get it in the hoop compared with when you shoot and don’t get it in the hoop?

It’s paying attention to these distinctions that mean the difference between success and failure. If you are visualising without paying attention to your body you’ll miss every time.

And it’s just the same in building a vision for yourself - it’s not real if it doesn’t feel real. Heart as well as head.

It’s not going to work if you haven’t gathered the reference experiences of getting the ball in the hoop or whatever the equivalent is. Because otherwise you are trying to lead without knowing where you are going without having the internal experience of being a leader yourself.

You make dreams into reality by building them out of real reference experiences not imagination of experiences you haven't had.

It’s who you are on the inside that is of value and when you can learn to refine and express that you get the results that are right for you.

I call this becoming your own guide because the more you become you, the more you get what you want and the more you bring your full identity your full power into the world the more the right people are attracted to that.

This is the source of what I call Natural Charisma™ and it’s the start of how you build the future that’s so attractive that it pulls not just you but those you want to join you there towards it.

To be continued in part 3: Being Who You Are Becoming - Who Are You Really?