LEGACY - will you leave one or do you even care?

Most people are going through their lives so totally absorbed with themselves that they can’t make meaningful connections with other people (I helped Peta Heskell, the original and still the best Flirt Coach run her sell-out workshops for over seven years, so I’ve facilitated hundreds of people) and what they were all asking was: “How do I get the relationship I want? The relationship that will satisfy me.” Peta’s a genius in taking the masterful work of Joseph Riggio and adding her unique style and down to earth sexy personality to the technology that Joseph has created. One of the things Peta’s often using, though she doesn’t necessarily describe it by this name is Joseph’s Scope of Decision™ model.

When you change the question to: “Who do I have to be to satisfy the kind of person I want to be with?” You’re asking a radically different question. But the real trick is in using Joseph’s Scope of Decision model to extend your awareness out through space and time…

Another way of saying this is: “What legacy do you want to leave behind you? How will your children remember you? Or are you intending to leave the world better off or worse off from your time spent here?”

Most people have had their awareness constricted by the trauma of growing up and going to school. They’ve become so rigid in how they can experience the world that the wonder and magic are just a faded memory. AND worse of all they don’t know this. They’re happy to be grown up, living in the ‘real world’…. Part of the magic of attending any of Joseph’s programs is watching people rediscover the magic that they’ve given up.

How you discover the magic is learning how to regain your awareness of how you use your body when you are exquisite, when everything’s going perfectly, when life just works.

Why you want to do this is because from this foundation you can build a sustainable life, a life worth living, and when you’ve lived that life worth living you’ll be the example, the inspiration for your children and yourchildren’schildren.

The question is what legacy are you leaving behind you?

In our credit crunched world many people despair, the problem with that is from there they’ll get nowhere. When you have faith, whether that is faith in yourself or something greater than yourself then you can do the leap of faith. It’s like gravity is too much when things go wrong, you’ve been transported to a different planet where you weigh twice as much. The phrase I’ve heard many times from Joseph is: “So this, what’s next?” It’s always a choice, you choose, do you pick yourself up again and reach for the stars or do you stay looking down in the muck?

Are you just getting through the day, just living for the now, because if so you will soon be forgotten. Or are your going to leave a legacy behind you?