July 4th is Interdependence day in the UK

To celebrate interdependence day in the UK and thank the founding father of the MythoSelf Dr. Joseph Riggio we’re offering you FREE FACILITATION for this day only at a venue just outside central London (approx 50-60 minutes from London Victoria). In the spirit of the 4th of July celebration in the US we’re donating our time free of charge to give you the opportunity to join the party that is life LIVED IN THE EXCITATORY, the gift of the MythoSelf process. You’ll be stuffed like a turkey full of the realisation that ANYTHING is possible and with all the trimmings, taking you where your problems are not we will cook you to perfection, the perfection of living a life well lived where you get what you want by being who you want to be.

Step up and declare your interdependence, the UK Mytho crew are waiting to pounce on you.

Time: 11am to 3pm Saturday 4th of July Where: We’re taking over a museum in Horsham, Sussex. (So no fondling the exhibits please).

Contact me by email to reserve one of the strictly limited places, and I’ll send you details of exactly how to get to where you want to go.

PS. Just in case you’re wondering WHY INTERDEPENDENCE? It’s the evolutionary move you need to make from dependence where you just get told what to do, to independence where you think you’re free, and then to interdependence where other people want to help you get what you want because of who you are.

PPS. A special message for any Americans reading, we guarantee you’ll have so much fun, so much TRANSFORMATIONAL fun that you’ll want to rejoin Great Britain… :-)