Is it scary or does it fill you with hope?

A post to Peta on the MythoSelf list: What you describe Peta sounds like Gene Rodenberry’s vision, otherwise known as Star Trek. Where it is technology that enables the abundance that makes a utopian society possible… Assuming of course that you consider Star Trek a utopian vision…

Part of the point of books like Nassim Taleb’s Black Swan is that whatever your skill at prediction, global think tank or individual soothsayer there’s just stuff you can’t predict.

The question though is, is this scary or does it fill you with hope?

Each is how you are choosing to interpret the same data.

Those that focus on the inhibitory or what isn’t working close themselves off to seeing the possibilities that are there in front of them. Those that focus on possibility find the opportunities that are there.

But the more important question is how are you participating in the future you want to be happening? If you are not participating in it’s creation, or indeed co-creation you’ve abdicated your opportunity to be part of building this future and it wont be the same without your participation. I think to some extent people choose not to evolve, choose not to enter into the possibility of making something truly profound because they think their little idea is insignificant compared to the massive changes that will happen. And those changes will be massive, but they’re built on the keystone ideas of people like you and me. Take out that keystone and all that massive possibility collapses. When you choose to enter into something with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your passion, being in the excitatory rather than the inhibitory focusing on what works the impossible becomes possible, dreams are built from the little ideas that like little seeds take root in the hearts of others, and if you don’t plant that seed nothing comes from it.

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