Infinite possibilities

Another post to the MythoSelf list: Do horses dream about humans? Maybe they dream about the people who ride them where the riding enhances their experience. Like the synergy generated amongst people who somehow mesh where instead of 1 + 1 = 2, it becomes exponential and 1 x 1 =infinitepossibilities…

The question of course then is how you do that. I’d suggest it’s not about technique it’s about becoming open to the experience of other human or equine or whatever and how you do that. It’s what Gregory Bateson quotes in an interview with Brad Keeney, here’s the quote from ‘Brief Therapy’ by Steve Gilligan and Jeff Zeig:

Keeney: You’re saying that people who go to see Erickson come away with a craving for power?

Bateson: Yes! They all want power.

Keeney: Is there something about seeing [Erickson] that induces this power hungriness?

Bateson: Well, it’s the skill which he has of manipulating the other person which really in the long run does not separate him as an ego dominant to the other person. He works in the weave of the total complex and they come away with a trick, which is separate from the total complex, therefore, goeth counter to it and becomes a sort of power. I think it’s something like that.

There’s a better version of the quote in Keeney’s Aesthetics of Change if I’m remembering right but I can’t find that at the moment.

My experience of what Joseph is able to do and teach how to do is work in this ‘weave of the total complex’ compared to the NLP ‘tricks’. And he’s the only person I’ve met who can do ‘installation’ which the NLP bods claim to do and can’t (and yes I am speaking from experiencing most of the international quality trainers). Did you see in thebrochure for his upcoming program Beyond Elite Performance where he says: “The intention of this series is to directly install the skills of elite performance into you and place you on the path of radical transformation and deep personal satisfaction..”