In praise of the ‘art of falling’

For the scientists here, it’s about elegance.. Things are as simple as they are and no simpler. My good friend Charlie, whose teacher was Koichi Tohei said he always learnt the most by fucking up, sometimes life just slams you on to the mat. And if you’ve ever been thrown by a really good martial artist it’s well worth the experience… And eventually you learn how to roll.

I am eternal thankful to Richard Bandler for setting me on the path, and I totally believed everything he said about Shamanic Human Engineering. So I went looking for magick and found an enormous amount of dross, but also some pure gold.

It is interesting (at least to me) that so many people do the complex equivalence of ‘this is like that’. I haven’t decided whether it’s better than the ‘moan complain moan’ of ‘it’s just too complex, make it simpler’ or just as loathsome, but it does give me a marketing idea for ‘pre-chewed food’, and can you get more ‘instant’ and simple than that? (Actually I don’t think want an answer to that, please!!

Most people are happy to do their 7 days or 9 days or 10 days or 20 days or whatever amount of time they need to serve to get their certificate. Because being certified means they are qualified to do whatever it was they were certified in… And we’re back to complex equivalence again.

What happened to apprenticeship?

In Aikido they have the idea of the 20 year throw because of the infinitude of nuances to it’s proper execution.

I’ve decided to get my next hamburger by planting the grass as seeds and watering and nurturing it, selecting the Buffalo to graze on that verdant pasture, stalking, hunting and killing that magnificent beast with my bare hands. Then roasting the meat over an open fire and finally all I need is the special sauce that my squaw will provide… Uh oh… To find the squaw I will…

Sigh… The sacrifices necessary to live an aesthetic life.

But what a life. Walking the path with heart each step is like dancing, each breath is like breathing intoxicating musky perfume, each act a work of art.

Things are as simple as they are and no simpler…