How do you make success inevitable?

Many clients that I see think they know what they want but don’t know how to get it. Or think it’s impossible that they could achieve what they dream about achieving. “That’s just not me.” is the phrase I regularly hear.

It seems so many many people have accepted the limitation for themselves, that only certain people can be successful. And the criteria for that success is they need to have been born with the money, good looks or ability to go and do the things required which has now made them into the star or celebrity that they are.

The sad fact is that if you believe this you are right.

But if you also don’t believe this you are right.

I’m not talking about the Law of Attraction here and that if you just wish or have faith you’ll get what you place your attention on. That’s the kind of thinking that keeps people stuck in their limitations and not succeeding with the stimulation of the sweetness of feeling good about themselves. But that temporary high doesn’t last or translate into lasting success.

The bible says, God helps those who help themselves.

You help yourself by doing the work necessary to get the success you want. You plant seeds in the ground to grow food to feed yourself and your family.

Yet most people want the harvest before they’ve done the work of planting.

My teacher and mentor Dr. Joseph Riggio Ph.D has written about how people give up on themselves by failing to learn to think for themselves. I encourage you to read his blog post “Rethinking the Value of Language”. And the scary insidious part of this is that most people believe they can think critically, they know they are right.

This is the single thing that limits most people from getting the success they want, that they believe they are right. By thinking this they’ve closed their minds to the possibility of something more.

When clients leave a session with me they now know they can have what before they thought was impossible and that it’s just a question of doing the work necessary to achieve that. Or they’ve realised that they just don’t want to be that person who’s going to do that work which is just as valuable because now other things are possible for them.

The secret of how you make success inevitable is it’s about building from a foundation that will sustain and support you getting to where you want to go. Structural Wellformedness as Dr. Joseph Riggio Ph.D. would say.