HeroPath for Teens on Friday, February 28th- March 2nd

If you have a teenager Jeff has my highest recommendation. THE best thing for your teen is to empower them to think for themself so they make good decisions.
Here’s what HeroPath say:
HOW CAN YOU prepare your teenager for life’s challenges and successes - and offer them a critical edge in a chaotic world?  A majority of today’s traditionally educated teens, are struggling to navigate this complex world and are giving into temptations that cost them confidence, healthy friendships, exam scores and career opportunities.
Jeff explains that HeroPath is a one-weekend event that gives teenagers strength to stay focused and feel able to cope, whatever is going on around them.
HEROPATH FOR TEENS teaches young people to “centre” themselves, taking its strength from a 40-year study of the nature of human performance and the structure of excellence. Rather than a series of games and activities to boost self-esteem or a weekend talking about problems, the workshop is a continuous training in learning about the unique internal structure of how to perform best and achieve full potential.

Jeffrey Leiken, holds a Masters Degree in Educational Counselling, and has many years’ experience working with teenagers in the UK and world-wide. This power-packed workshop offers young people the chance benefit from this remarkable system.
ALSO, ON SATURDAY January 18th, we’re offering a taster day so PARENTS, TEACHERS AND COACHES can find out more about what HeroPath is offering your teenagers.

Former students who’ve attended UK workshops over the last 8 years will enjoy a morning reunion.   Please join us to register at 2.30 for a 3-5pm event for your opportunity to meet these dynamic young people and gain first-hand experience of the HeroPath system, which embeds “centredness” in their lives.
Venue:  Park Suite The Mercure London, Watford.
Please contact us to book your place.    
We are looking forward to meeting you at this exciting event, and to providing answers to any questions you may have.