Finding Your Warriors Heart and Not Selling your Soul to the Devil (The Mythic Hack) - Thinking for Yourself part 4

Living with a warriors heart your thinking is focussed on who you are when you perform at your best. The art of impeccable performance. But it's not just about being good or great. It's a mythic consideration.

Remember it's myth that powers your personal story.

It's why we're talking about you being epic or legendary. It's the step that is so big it's almost impossible to rationally take. It should be beyond what you think is possible for you but is something you long with your heart and soul for anyway.

Your logical mind should rationally go: "I can't do that."

But you almost go: "I want that so much I'd make a bargain with the devil and sell my soul to do that."

But this is where we need to be careful because it's not about making the compromise of selling your soul to the devil - that's the easy way out!!

Instead it's finding the courage that heroes have to go and do the impossible, to go and do anyway when your chances of survival let alone success don't look good.

This is not thinking as you normally do with your head.

It's putting your attention on your heart and what you feel is so right that that is more important than anything else.

This is a dangerous consideration because it's not about what others tell you in fact if others are telling you that's the time to stop listening to them and start listening to yourself.

It's the devils voice when it's not truly your own.

Any voice of authority is the devils voice when it's telling you what to do. BUT you need to understand if you've already been listening it's got you already so your voice has been corrupted and what you think is being influenced. Wisdom is getting you've already been hacked so how do you fix yourself and get yourself uncorrupted and free from infection.

You find your own voice by listening to your heart rather than your head. And not to other people telling you what they think you should do.

Your heart says things like:

"I don't fit in."

"I'm gay."

"I don't believe in the religion of my parents."

"I don't want to follow a path that is inauthentic."

"I want to find and follow my bliss."

It's learning to listen to the truth that your heart tells that your head doesn't want to hear.

This to state the obvious isn't an easy path.

It's a path that you have to find for yourself.

But your salvation is that the heroes of all time have found in their hearts the courage to follow this path.

It's what Joseph Cambell called the Hero's Journey.

Today even if you're not in business for yourself you need to be in the business of being yourself.

This is following the path of being an entrepreneur with heart.

It's being the difference you want to see in the world.