FIGHT the MIND PARASITES NOW - A call for action!!!

OK, this is not some B movie horror or tabloid newspaper story, it’s REAL. There’s a unicellular organism called Toxoplasma gondii, that HIJACKS THE MIND of it’s host. You can read more by the author of the paper Ajai Vyas published last week in the ‘Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences’, more details here: and here: This parasite lives in HALF THE PEOPLE ON EARTH and manipulates the neural circuitry in the amigdala. Research has show a positive correlation between infection and levels of neuroticism.

If you are experiencing ANY neurotic tendencies, tension, anxiety etc. I strongly suggest the ONLY CURE is the MythoSelf® process. The MythoSelf process works at the level of being (ontology) as opposed to NLP which works at the level of thinking (epistemology) and has has been proven to show beneficial changes in the neurological system. These changes are getting rid of neurosis and the sorting for what works, what you want and of course this technology teaches you how to get that as well.

For more information, have a look at my or any of the websites listed on my links page. REMEMBER - YOU MAY ALREADY BE INFECTED.

FIGHT THE MIND PARASITES NOW and experience the MythoSelf process.