The Feeling Thinking Loop - Understanding Future Reality™ - The Secret of Making your Dreams into Reality part 5

You're caught in a loop and you don't know it. Most people believe their thinking - so much so that you probably don't think about your thinking, it's just what is, it's how reality is for you.

So success just happens for some people.

Other people aren't so lucky...

But you can make your own luck when you start to understand your Internal Architecture or how you have constructed yourself which gets you the results you currently get.

Thinking creates feelings and those feelings create your thinking - This is the Feeling Thinking Loop™

So you are thinking about an event at work, you need to give a presentation, you have an important meeting or something similar. If you've had a bad experience of this previously, thinking about that makes you feel bad, that bad feeling then informs your thinking or more technically primes your thinking so you think about it differently than you would without that priming.

The more you feed that loop: Bad feeling making your thinking worse creating worse feelings creating even more scenarios of how things will go wrong or disasters will happen. The more you build a degenerative spiral and just make yourself miserable, and your life one of despair and dissatisfaction.

This is a neurological phenomenon - you are building a cascade of toxic brain chemicals that harm not just your brain but your body as well.

At some point I'll draw my clients attention to the physiological symptoms they have - it's not a coincidence that they are unhappy AND physically have symptoms.

Back to that event at work but this time if you'd had a good experience last time we often make the mistake of going: "I don't need to prepare because I was so good last time." This is because we feel good and in our thinking we associate feeling good with competence and we've learned that's time to stop learning/preparing because we feel ready. And in this way we trip ourselves up and often land flat on our faces in front of everyone because we hadn't done the work to actually be ready.

Successful people understand they have an internal architecture and they can operate themselves intentionally - that they are responsible for creating their own success or failure. And so understand the value of doing the work because that's the only true path to success.

To create success for yourself you intentionally operate the Feeling Thinking Loop so you set yourself up to win before the game starts.

Because you know your thinking creates how you feel and how you feel creates your thinking you can go: "How do I need to feel to get the result I want?" Then starting from having generated that feeling go: "How does my thinking change and how do I intentionally increase the feeling by changing the thinking?" - This directionality gets you to success, it's a winning attitude.

So there's that "attitude" word again - because this is the process of adjusting your attitude we started to talk about last time.

You change your angle of approach - your attitude - by going to the future position of having successfully gotten the result and noticing what that feels like then starting from that feeling noticing how your thinking changes then intentionally continuing that process built from paying attention to increasing or maintaining that feeling and noticing how your thinking changes when you maintain this "balance".

It's like the surfing analogy I used last time - you literally balance yourself on the wave of the feeling.

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