Everthing I knew was wrong

There’s been quite a few changes to this blog recently, and I’m in the middle of helping Peta Heskell with her weekend training Secrets of Attraction, you can expect much more information here really soon, for now here’s something I posted to the MythoSelf list, Dan was asking me about hypnosis and what I’d learnt from Dr. Joseph Riggio Ph.D. that had changed my prior understandings of hypnosis. Dan, what I got was that everything I knew was wrong, and I knew a lot… There’s a phrase I like that Ken Wilber uses: “Evolution goes beyond what went before, but because it must embrace what went before, then its very nature is to transcend and include, and thus it has an inherent directionality, a secret impuls, toward increasing depth, increasing intrinsic value, increasing consciousness.”

It’s like you’re in an epistemological bubble and it goes pop, when that happens you don’t know what is what, but then you reorient and things re-sequence themselves from the perspective of having the new knowledge, which re-writes how you’ve encoded the old knowledge, so it’s not that it’s now wrong, it’s reinterpreted from the perspective of the new knowledge, so also becomes new. Like there are some books you can read and re-read, as when you re-read it’s different because of the prior ! reading, which is iterative.

More specifically what I got from Joseph was a teacher willing and able to teach, which is much rarer than you would think, and I make a point of looking… Which is why I’ve had the balls to call myself an apprentice on occasion as I get teachers like that want to teach to those who want to learn, who are also rarer than you would think as few are prepared to do the work, most want it in “a” course and once they’ve done that think they’ve got it, truly they need to be certified, and the majority might buy the book if it was marketed sufficiently well but they probably wouldn’t finish reading it.