Dune questions

Rather than the MythoSelf process being outlined in the Dune books, the Dune books inform the MythoSelf process. You’ll note that Joseph is both the architect and the designer of the MythoSelf process… Regarding artistic license, you need to understand that what you believe is true limits what is possible for you.

When an author writes they write from their model of reality, when an exquisite author writes they write into the inter-subjective mediated space to create the connection between the reader reading and the author writing.

But while the written words can give you a taste, a sensation, a glimpse that sounds miraculous. It’s in having the experience, stepping into the sacred space where everything becomes possible, in actually going and doing either with a facilitator or attending a training that the extraordinary becomes possible for you.

The MythoSelf is experiential, and in that experience you will re-encode your neurology to actualise your potential by unfolding that potential from the enfolded space when you orient to the excitatory and go where the problem isn’t to where you are and always have been, but just haven’t realised that yet.

Psychoneuroimmunologically speaking problems exist only when you operate within cause-effect. Teleological orientation allows you to become, to fold space to, that numinous singularity where you have everything and everything has you.