Beyond Seduction

I had a client today who has been very interested in PUA (Pick Up Arts) and was wanting to get into a serious relationship with a woman. This is an area I’ve had a long term interest in largely due to Peta Heskell (the original and still the best Flirt Coach) who I’ve been good friends with for over 10 years, I can never remember whether it was she who introduced me to Adrian Dale (who started the LSS, Europe’s largest online meeting place for men wanting to be PUA’s) or whether I met him at one of the NLP groups I used to frequent. Anyway long story short it’s an area that’s held a great deal of fascination in a large part as I disagree with virtually everyone teaching PUA skills to men. The phrase that came to me talking with my client today was: “You can’t get there from here”. Which I tried to say with an Irish accent which didn’t quite work. As I’ve heard David McDermott tell the story of the holidaymakers in Ireland who drive into this small village in the middle of nowhere and ask for directions to their intended destination. The reply goes something like: “Now if I were you, I wouldn’t start out from here!!” It’s a serious point I’m making here however.

Someone leant me some of the episodes of the VH1 tv series ‘The Pickup Artist’ where Mystery, the supposed greatest pick up artist in the world teaches this group what to do and in true reality show fashion each week one of the group gets asked to leave the show. Now I would have thought if he could actually teach what he claims he can do he wouldn’t have asked the worst people to leave, surely the whole point is they are the people he should be teaching!!

I pointed out to my client that he had some unlearning to do. That the behaviours he was adopting, his pick up artist persona were pushing women away from him rather than bringing them closer to him. Instead using the MythoSelf process I got him to be comfortable being himself, to let out his natural personal, and like that he was much more naturally attractive.

So what persona’s or masks are you wearing today, where do you limit the true expression of yourself? What would have to be true of you to just be you and by being you attract who and what is naturally a fit and match for you.

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