Being a little more explicit

Whether you’re interested in business coaching or executive coaching, work as a business coach or life coach or a NLP Practitioner working as a NLP Coach why would you beinterestedin MythoSelf, EPC2 or Joseph’s newBeyond Elite Performance™? Why I’m writing this is I get that on this list we use the jargon or mythospeak as I think of it picked up from time spent with Joseph and an understanding of the importance and value ofprecisionin language. But that doesn’t help convey what’s really going on as someone said to me recently. I know I’m guilty of this, quite often clients come to me with the expectation that I’m going tofacilitatethem in the MythoSelf process then once we’ve done that they’re done. What I’d like to do here is kind of be a little more explicit, a reveal all kind of thing and just lay it all bare…

The word “MythoSelf” is quite often used as an umbrella term for a number of things, specifically the MythoSelf process and Exquisite Performance Coaching & Consulting (EPC2). The MythoSelf process is about leading you to have a way of being where for you literally anything is possible. And EPC2 is about how you go out and get what it is that you want (and it’s as revolutionary as the MythoSelf).

So why should this interest you then? Well the magic is in having been facilitated in the MythoSelf process so you can access a way of being where literally anything is possible you’ve changed the place where you are deciding from, you’ve gone where the problem is not. You’re now deciding from astructurallywell-formed position, and what you choose to go out and do is in alignment with who you are becoming (your trajectory of intent). In other words doing thestructuralpiece of the work first allows the functional piece to work, no other coaching process does this, it’s unique to the MythoSelf.

The important bit of course is that you need to have undergone this transformation yourself to be able to facilitate others. It’s from this place of authenticity that the magic becomes possible. How many business or executive coaches, NLP or life coaches speak from thisgenuineposition? And wouldn’t you want to work with someone whoactuallylives what they’re talking about rather than just talks about it. In order to help others have elite performance you have to be an elite performer yourself. It’s a world where most people wont go,simplybecausethey can’t, they haven’t developed the capacity, it’s easier to be mediocre, not do the work and just get by. The question is do you want to have a life worth living? And if so are you prepared to pay the price?