You can never get the success you want and at heart you know this. But you can become someone else.

You can never get the results, the success you want and at heart you know this - do I sound cruel saying this? But does it resonate as true deep inside you? You may not want to accept it, you may want to keep trying but the reality of success is it is counterintuitive - it literally doesn’t make sense. And this may be the most valuable thing you could ever hear. You can’t get the success that you want. But you can become someone else, someone who can get those results, can get that success. I don’t mean this as an attempt at a clever play on words - I mean it in the most literal sense - you can become someone else.

For most people how they think is how the world is, how reality is for them. And even if you learn techniques to think differently it’s still your thinking.

Just because you learn to think outside of the box, or learn NLP or learn hypnosis doesn’t mean you don’t have the problems you currently have, the limitations you currently have, it doesn’t change the pain and suffering you feel from not having what you want.

But if you change who you are, what I’ll call your beingness, that you thinks differently but more important because you are different you want different things.

Two examples: Intimate relationships - If you can’t get into or sustain the kind of intimate sexual relationship you want or you keep attracting the wrong kind of person. That’s all about who you are.

It’s you who attracts or doesn’t attract.

You may even repel the kind of partner you really want, really desire, but that wanting that desire pushes them away from you.

If you’re honest you know it’s you that’s the problem.

You do the wrong things.

You say the wrong things.

Everything you think of to do is just wrong.

But how come some people do everything right?

They meet this gorgeous person who is instantly attracted to them.

The sexual tension is there right from the first moment and shared equally between them.

It’s like someone has turned the magnets the right way round so they are literally pulled together.

They look at each other with sexual hunger in their eyes and see that same hunger in the other persons eyes.

Everything they do endears them to the other person, everything they do is cute, or charming or just perfect.

The difference sounds magical doesn’t it? But imagine yourself being this way right now.

Because with a shift in being you can become that person.


The other example - Business success or business failure.

Most businesses fail an astonishing more than 80-95%.

And these are the people who do everything right. They do the business plan, they get coaching and mentoring, they have great ideas. But most still fail.

The difference is you. You are the biggest limitation in your business. Success is counterintuitive. So everything you think is right is probably wrong.


So how do you become the boy who gets the girl or girl who gets the boy (or whichever variation you prefer) or the person who can be successful in their business?

This is about transformation - changing so literally everything is different. You are different.

It’s becoming a modern day shaman what I like to call a Naked Shaman because you don’t need the clothes, the cultural baggage that “traditional” shamanism is clothed in. There’s a Zen cartoon I really like with one fish saying to the other fish: “What’s this thing called water then?” That's the cultural clothing and conditioning most people can't see.

It’s the stuff most people can’t see that gets in the way and it was the job of the shaman in traditional cultures to be that person in the tribe who could see the way forward - literally see the future they wanted to bring about. And help the tribe make the choices necessary for that future to come about.

But to become a shaman you have to die to your old self and become someone new. You have to experience transformation.

This is the process and methodology I work with, with clients - I teach you how to become a modern day shaman a Naked Shaman™.